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Planning our happiness on a fancy couch.

Hello. Bonjour. Aloha.

At A Little Humerus, we want to solve the world’s biggest problem ever: finding the best greeting card.

We are Ruth Cachares and Taylor Garland, two dope ladies who love snail mail and dad jokes. We know that life’s occasions should be celebrated in a way that is representative of who you are: complex, funny, witty, and sometimes a total dick. Because that’s who we are, too.


Ruth and I started working together at a company (whose name we dare not speak) and formed an immediate bond. She has really long hair, which is something I could never achieve, so obviously I assumed she was a pretty, pretty princess and befriended her immediately. We once dreamed up the idea of collaborating on a children’s book about my cat, Taco. Ruth would illustrate and I’d write the story.

On my birthday last December Ruth gave me a hand drawn birthday card with a charming rabbit in a hat. I still have it hanging in my cubicle. I loved this little treasure and chuckled to her that I had once fantasized about starting a funny greeting card company with a snarky edge. Ruth said, “me too” and I raised my eyebrows at her. I then probably asked her how she felt about using the word fuck in print.

That same night I received a cute greeting card from my best friend that made a joke about the funniest bone in the body (hint: it’s the humerus… gah!!!). I was keeping it. That shit is prime dad-joke material. I’ve collected jokes for several years, usually doling them out to friends and acquaintances and meanwhile entertaining myself the most. Is it tacky to laugh at your own jokes?

After chatting a bit more about our greeting card gig, Ruth and I realized we might actually be able to launch this thing. We were both in a position to make some interesting changes in our careers, the greeting card idea felt like kismet, and our unique talents seemed to blend together perfectly for a business partnership.

From here we frequently met up in leggings and sweatshirts to dream up our plans for A Little Humerus, usually ordering take-out food and talking about what type of snacks we’ll keep in our someday-office. Sometimes we drive around town with Ruth’s son Cohen in the back seat; he makes us laugh unexpectedly and I imagine he’ll contribute to our cards in the future. When he casually called my car a “rust bucket” I knew he was good people.

I have a random smattering of marketing experience, but I’ll spare the resume because it’s boring. You can find me on LinkedIn if you’re curious. I also owned a food truck business for a couple years which gave me a taste of entrepreneurship and just enough confidence to be dangerous. With Ruth’s creative skills and general brilliance, I like to think we go together like spaghetti and meatballs.

Working like this keeps us excited and inspired. We put a lot of dreamy-eyed intentions into building a company that embodies our values: to have fun, to be human, to be good to each other, to laugh.

Being able to work alongside a person that frequently inspires you is such a gift. What’s even more thrilling is that she smells nice and also likes the same kind of snacks.


I’m the creative meatball in this duo. I’ve always been a Creative and, dare I say, an Artist. My professional career after Art School was rolling haltingly along its merry way, a la the Oregon Trail, when I happened to find a kindred spirit and bosom buddy in my new cube mate at my new (soon to be) terrible job. We were best friends almost at once.

I worked at Papyrus through college and that’s where my Dream of designing a greeting card line and owning a little paperie was born. It was true love and true love lasts a lifetime. I’d never pursued my passion out of school because bills and crippling fear but that didn’t mean I’d given up on my Dream. Oh no. I nursed it and scribbled ideas and doodles and more ideas into a series of journals I schlepped from one company to the next. What was holding me back, you ask? To be perfectly frank, I was afraid. Like wet your pants (gross.) afraid. Afraid of failing, afraid of taxes, afraid the greeting card world would laugh me to scorn, afraid I’d go hungry and die alone and penniless (Oh, Hi. Hello, Anxiety.).

Fast forward 12 years and me forgetting to buy a birthday card for my new super cool office mate, Taylor, and deciding to make her one instead. And now we’re on this crazy wild adventure, without a map or a compass, and we’re forging full steam ahead, with A Little Humerus. Sarcasm is my weapon of choice and my humor ranges from juvenile to dark to spicy. But I can be whimsical and sweet and light. I’m a very complex woman. Try and keep up.

I still suffer from Anxiety (Thanks, DNA!) but things are a lot less scary with (meds) and a kick ass biz partner who knows enough of the ropes and brings that whole “seasoned veteran” attitude to the process.

Oh. I also say “fuck” a lot. So there’s that.

In a nutshell, bad girls have excellent taste.

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